“The pain though, oh the pain, you’d swear the card had hopped on me whilst carrying a sword…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Isn’t it funny how memories attach themselves to places and things? I’m personally deadly for being the “We have to go to the cinema, these 82 restaurants, and not to forget this random alleyway on Saturday night, in order to erase all of the past memories with him!!” person. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know, but when my heart is in tatters even looking at a familiar date menu has me cursing his name, his mates names, his favourite pair of runners. NO ONE IS GETTING OUT OF HERE SAFELY!

I know I have been to the majority of these places with my family and friends too, but which one of them had me in the knots laughing in this specific corner of this cafe whilst eating a cajun chicken panini and a side of chunky chips on the 17th November at 2:43?? Exactly, his emotional date scars be hitting differently.

Don’t even talk to me about my fave spots running social media giveaways, dear GOD if he has tagged someone new. I’ll be there casually scrolling as fast as lightning with my eyes shut so I don’t see any potential wedding signs with someone who isn’t me. Eating a friendly, innocent sandwich with someone who isn’t me?? HOW COULD YOU?

The last time I was drowning in heartache I found a card I never got to give to him at the bottom of a drawer in my bedroom. Yep, the one time I’m cleaning and I don’t find jewellery from when I was 7, a broken lava lamp or a random mini fridge. Classic. The pain though, oh the pain, you’d swear the card had hopped on me whilst carrying a sword. Back into the drawer you go for another few months.

Let us not forgot how every song on the radio also seems to be targeted at your broken heart: “It’s Disney, rainbows and happiness hour on the station at the moment, but we’re also going to drop in Nothing Compares To You incase you wanted to hear it!” Yep, cheers for that. Somehow the men you love can leg it and never like your selfies ever again, but of course this is after they’ve attached themselves onto everything you know and love. No bother lad, see ya later so… in my nightmares whilst I’m sobbing about the last gift you got me and digesting my extra salty tear-soaked cinema popcorn xx

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