A Few Of My Favourite Things About Autumn

Autumn Coffee

October is definitely one of my favourites times of the year. I think Winter is my favourite season, so Autumn sparks the start of the change in the air as everyone prepares for the arrival of Winter. Although I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little bit down in the dumps over the past few days – I think it could be the change in the weather and perhaps I’m just needing a bit of time out and maybe some Reiki.

For this post I decided to try and look at the positives in my life at the moment instead of dwelling on the negatives.

I hope you all enjoy this post all about why I love Autumn!

The Endless Inspiration
Autumn is the month where nature really calls out to my creativity and I can spend hours in cafes drinking autumn-themed coffees. Hellooo, pumpkin spice. Everything seems to be changing in autumn, and my soul often feels those changes too which can really benefit my writing. Who doesn’t love the nights where you’re curled up by the fire with a notebook?

It’s Hocus Pocus Season
I love Halloween, and Hocus Pocus is one of my favourite films, everrrr. Someone, PLEASE just take one for the team and light the black flame candle.

The Faux Fur Comeback
As soon as there’s a slight chill in the air, the fashionista within me is awakened! Haha We all know I absolutely adore faux fur/teddy coats, so of course I’m always doing a little dance into my wardrobe whenever it’s time to get them back out. Welcome back my beautiful babies.

It’s All About Change
To be honest, I think this can be one that can make us feel a little down at times and not feel like ourselves because the weather gets worse, the days darker and the memories of summer seem to be a distant memory. However, I guess as humans we all need that time to wind down and switch off so we’re ready to go again for Spring. Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself when things get a bit overwhelming.

You Can Reflect
As you realise the year is starting to fly by and Christmas approaches, it gives you an opportunity to stand still and reflect on the months that have passed. Recently I’ve been asking myself “Where was I this time last year?” and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and how I’ve fought through the challenges I’ve faced. Onwards and upwards!

The Weather
Even though the darkness can be a bit gloomy, I love when it gets colder, perhaps because I’m a January baby. I also love how the colours are all changing, a symbol that things are ready to end and then begin again with a fresh slate. I live for the calm and delicate nature of frosty mornings and rainy nights.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Fe xx

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