The Spring In My Step

“Try your best to zone out of anything that makes you feel unsettled”

Hey guys! So I have reeeeally been struggling to think of blog post ideas lately. This just happens sometimes, nobody panic. So as the seasons begin to change I started thinking about spring and the lift it will bring. I then decided hey, why not write about things that are making me happy at the moment? Then the spring in my step idea was born. So please read on for a little bit of positive vibes straight from the heart of the Fox Files!

Healthy eating
As many of you know I joined Slimming World a while ago. I really thought I would struggle but I’m absolutely loving it. I feel so much healthier, happier and more energetic. I’ve mastered making a healthy spice bag which I could easily live off for life, so yep, that’s me sorted.

Herbal tea
I am all about that herbal tea life lately and I can’t help it. My favourites are the Tetley Super Fruit ones I recently picked up in Aldi. I would strongly advise the orange pack, delicious! When I’m out and about I love going to the Lazy Bean in Cahir and getting either a Mango Tango or Apple Loves Mint tea. The great thing about herbal tea is, one mug cancels out any bad thing I eat and basically counts as two hours on the treadmill, right?

Ariana Grande
I was never overly obsessed with Miss Grande but I decided to give her new album a listen and I’ve been converted! Two songs in and I’m suddenly dancing around my bedroom thinking I have a long ponytail and am dealing with a called-off whirlwind engagement. Just me?! Also still loving Camila Cabello and Little Mix – obsessing over Monster In Me! I’d say there’s plenty of borderline burst eardrums in the Fox household at the moment…

Taking care of myself
Alongside the healthy eating, I’ve been getting my nails done, I dyed my hair a mad copper colour and I’m just more aware of my mind and look after it more. Remember to feed it regularly with little moments that make you feel good, and try your best to zone out of anything that makes you feel unsettled. Oh by the way, I’ve been getting my nails done in Lavish Beauty, Clonmel and they are fabbbb. Love going in there for the chats too!

The cinema
I don’t know what it is lately, I just love the cinema! I mean I always enjoyed it, but lately I really enjoy it, which is weird because I can’t even eat my body weight in nachos anymore. I went to see Second Act recently and it just gave me a lift. Also, I watched the film Life Of The Party, it wasn’t on in the cinema, I just watched it at home with my mum and two bottles of prosecco. The two of us were bloody locked… lightweights! But anyway, I highly recommend both films! Such a laugh. (Sorry if it isn’t that funny when you’re sober…)

SoSu Lip Kits
I bought the deep red shade Wild Thing the day they hit shops, and I’m mad to get another! I’m torn between Bare It and Oh Boy, so I guess I’ll just have to get the whole collection! Haha It’s a fab texture, didn’t smudge all over my face or teeth, and it stayed on for aaaages. I’m very impressed!

Hope you enjoyed reading this random post! What things are putting the spring in your step lately?

Fe xx

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