Surviving Valentine’s Day As The Single Friend

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The occasion I always forget about until it starts to flood me from mid-January onwards. It’s a strange one, it brings out immense bitterness in some, loaded wallets in others, and well then there’s the rest of us who just kinda glide through it as we normally would. When you’re the single friend, it can be a lonely time. You try your best to encourage ‘Galentines,’ but it always ends up being some cool bonding time with your dog because even your mum and sister have other plans. Honestly, how RUDE. So, fellow singletons, want some tips on how to make it through the big day? Keep on reading because I’ve got you…

Binge watch You on Netflix
And if you’ve already watched it, watch it again. It’s a great show, and will also remind you that love can be risky so we’re all better off alone, right? RIGHT? Meh, either way it will kill a large percentage of the day. To quote Peach: “Male energy in my healing space just isn’t optimal.” We feel you.

Don’t be a dweller
It’s so easy to start reminiscing on those nice few dates with that fella who ghosted you two years ago, or to miss the love of your life you had in primary school just for the sake of having a fella on your mind. Please don’t do this, chances are you wouldn’t want any of those men beside you now sharing your Ben and Jerry’s. You know they would just steal all the cookie dough chunks. And it’s likely that 95% of them were twats. So I hope this goes without saying buuuut, definitely DO NOT make contact or February 15th is already cringing for ya hun. Stay strong.

Stay off social media
That is unless you suddenly want to see every man transform into Noah Calhoun over night. Your Prince will arrive when he’s supposed to, don’t let the internet put you under pressure. Buy yourself some flowers and the shoes you’ve been eyeing up for ages. As cheesy as it sounds, self-love is a form of real love too.

Don’t be bitter
Don’t kill everyone else’s vibe by turning into the “Valentines is pointless” pal. Again, it will be your time when it’s supposed to and I’m sure by then you will love the day too. Smile, be supportive of your loved-up friends, you have plenty more Valentines to come. You just never know how next year will be spent, hopefully in the Maldives with a millionaire but look we’ll settle for a nice date with a lad from Tinder. And if you’re incapable of putting on this false front, stick to the plan in the first point. If you’re putting out negativity into the universe, keep it confined to your house gal.

Do something fun
As cute as the idea of the day is, it can be fairly grim when you’ve got no one to share it with, someone to get over, or a breakup to deal with. So throw on a nice outfit, go for a cuppa or to the cinema. It will only get you down if you keep thinking about how grim it is. It’s just another day, I’ve celebrated it loved-up before and look at me now – Strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man but does need her mum to book her appointments. What will be will be.

Change your outlook
Instead of seeing it as a day to focus on how alone you are, approach it with strength, don’t fear it. There’s nothing sad about being by yourself, you’re the only person pouring into the self-pity pool. If you’re a believer in love, it will find you. Don’t let your past experiences harden your heart to letting it in. Love is a part of life, but you’ve got to live it boldly if you want to stumble across it.

Celebrate where you are now
The funny thing is, as much as I make jokes about being forever alone, I actually love being single. That’s just where I’m supposed to be at this moment in time so I’m going with it. The majority of us won’t get to think for one forever, so as many people say to me – make the most of it while you have it, you’re in a great position in life. You do you. Oh, speaking of celebration, when is Pancake Tuesday?

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