The Soulmate Search

Watching Sex and the City while eating endless slices of toast only ever ends one way: Making me question everything. While the ladies dined and pondered over soulmates, I began to ponder the same topic. Do soulmates really exist? I think so. Sure, sometimes when you’re drowning in pink gin it can be hard to distinguish between the prince charming’s and the not-so-charming but I firmly believe that there is at least one perfect person for everyone. Maybe we have a few soulmates incase one gets lost along the way, or maybe they all get lost, who knows.

I do believe we’re all destined to meet these people at different times though. You might be destined for years to be the only single one among a table of loved-up friends, but everything is moving along exactly as it is supposed to. It doesn’t always feel that way though, hence why I was eating a load of bread and watching Sex and the City in the first place. There will be times when you curse love and all of its blessings, and sometimes you feel like the only thing sweeping you off your feet is the frosty decking when you’re stumbling in from another boring night out. Although, we quite often foolishly judge our potential of finding someone on the same lads we’re meeting in the same nightclub every weekend. As my mum tells me, I’ve possibly exhausted my local love pool.

I hate to break it to you ladies, but chances are the man of your dreams is not the man you play tonsil tennis with on the dance floor every so often when he actually chooses to acknowledge your existence, and he is definitely not the man you’ve had 45 rows with in the smoking area. Maybe your soulmate is currently being a bit of a twat, or maybe he doesn’t socialise much? Perhaps he is currently with someone else? Or maybe we really need to look past this and stop looking for answers because it is quite possible that your soulmate just isn’t ready to come along yet. Hey, maybe you aren’t really ready for him yet.

Is being single really that scary or is it just a wild adventure? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not backtracking on previous posts where I have complained about people’s desire to not commit, but what I am saying is, we can’t beg for love either. There is no point sitting in a booth waiting for someone we’ve never met who may or may not be in the building. All we can do is shave our legs, throw on a bit of red lippie and hope for the best. I have spent many a taxi journey home at 3am pondering the meaning of love in depth while clutching my bag of chips, but apart from the realisation that my love of chips is always strengthening, I never seem to come to a conclusion. Love is just bloody weird.

Sure, I think soulmates exist. I think we all deserve them, but I don’t think we really need them. You don’t need the knight to complete the castle. And no, I am not saying that because I am a bitter singleton, I am saying that because I have a great track record of making it through those lonely nights. However, I know many of us do want that special companion, that desire is not a weakness it is human nature. Never fear gals, no matter how much of a saddo you may feel when you’re third wheeling again, it would seem the universe has many traffic jams and the permanent thorn in your side is just running a little behind schedule. Pour more gin and do your thing, he’s on his way.

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