The Journey To Acceptance

Life is a strange thing, one minute you feel like you’re watching every part of your life go down the toilet, and the next minute you just feel completely filled with a sense of contentment. One of the biggest challenges we have to face in life is acceptance. Over time, we have to stop dwelling and just accept things as they are. I have said it before and I will say it again – everything happens for a reason. You can waste your life being a dweller or you can just get on with things. Don’t worry it’s not just you, I am such a dweller. I spend so much time yearning for memories instead of really taking them in during the moment. I think dwelling is human nature to a certain extent, maybe we are supposed to live to learn not to do this.

I think we all eventually learn that detachment is one of the biggest healers. It’s bloody hard to do though, we don’t tend to like letting things out of our grip easily, but it has to get to the stage where you realise attachment to time gone is hurting you like nothing else. The past can drain you over and over until you’re left empty. In this emptiness we tend to find acceptance, but perhaps it would have been much less painful to accept it when the past was the present.

Many people say happiness is within yourself and I’ve come to the realisation that that is true. You can look high and low for things to make you happy outside of yourself, but the truth is, you have to love yourself, you have to love your life and you have to love the journey you’re on. Only YOU can make yourself happy. Recently I have been telling myself this more and more, and you know what? I am happy. I love my life. Honestly, when I started to remind myself that happiness is a choice, everything started falling into place. Positivity is like snow, you think it’s coming in tiny pieces and then all of a sudden there is a white glow everywhere. Your life radiates what you feel. You have to believe in yourself and trust that what is meant for you won’t pass you.

I am blessed with a 19-year-old brother with an old soul. I am convinced he has been here before, long before any of us because he always carries mental stability, wisdom, guidance and an endless understanding and love for everything around him. Until you are lucky enough to meet my brother, I cannot do justice to his depth. One day he said to me “Fe, how can you know others if you don’t even know yourself?” It was in that moment he reminded me that I need to grow myself before anyone else can help with this growth.

None of us know where we will be tomorrow or in 10 years time. This moment will soon be in the past and you can’t live there anymore. Sure, there may be warmth but there is no food. I think the welcoming of true happiness comes down to a single moment between your brain and your heart. When that moment comes, they will be in sync with each other. You will look yourself in the mirror and shower yourself with tough love. You will tell the person staring back at you to accept the fact that the troubles you’re stuck on were always destined to come your way. From this moment on you will feel happy and you will feel free. The ‘maybe’ of tomorrow is much more thrilling than the ‘could of’ moments of the past.

Let it all go. Wrinkles are inevitable and so is the discovery of everything destined for you.



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