Lilac Love With DV8

Hey gals!

I have collaborated with DV8, one of my favourite stores, for this post as they were kind enough to send me an outfit of my choice to style and shoot. In this post I am styling the Ax Paris Lilac Suede Dress.

Can I just say before I start, I LOVE these suede style dresses! Honestly, I think they are so gorgeous and I have adored them since day one. Two of my friends have them and the temptation to try and squeeze my bum into them has always been too real. However, quite often the colours are darker but we all know I love my outfits to make a statement so when I spotted this lilac dress I knew it had to be mine. Lilac is so popular at the moment and I’m going to Prague in August so this will definitely be one of my outfits among the 500 I always find it necessary to bring on holiday! They also had other colours to choose from such as pink and navy so you will definitely find something to suit your taste (or just buy every colour because you know, treat yourself!)

One of the things I love the most about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down. I would definitely rock this on a night out on the town, for a casual lunch with the girls or as the perfect outfit for a first date. The high neck keeps it classic and chic whilst the way it goes up into a dip on the side of the thigh adds a little bit of an edge.

I’m a bit of a denim addict myself so I chose to team it with my beloved over-sized vintage denim jacket (when I say vintage I mean it belonged to my dad in the 90s. Soz Dad, you’re officially vintage!) a pair of fishnets, chunky high heels and fluffy earrings. However, I think it would look equally stunning with a delicate pair of earrings, elegant high heels, a pretty clutch bag and hair pulled back into a loose upstyle. Can you cope with the thought of this dress with a pair of oversized sunnies? So fab. Yes, I do live in Clonmel but I was definitely destined for Calabasas with Kylie Jenner, things just didn’t work out that way…

If you’re looking to snap up this dress for Saturday night or just to slay in your next insta selfie then you can find it here. Be sure to check out DV8 Fashion for loads of fab styles and inspiration!

No doubt the rest of my friends group will be buying one of these dresses now after seeing this post and we will all be going around as the suede sisters… The next major girlband perhaps? Also, my sister loves it so I’m surprised it didn’t suddenly go missing before I wrote this blog post… we all know how scheming sisters can be…

Thanks so much to DV8 for bringing this lilac beauty into my life and wardrobe! Hope you all loved this post and love this dress as much as I do 🙂 xx
**This dress was gifted to me by DV8 for our collaboration**

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