Foxy Fashion – June 2017

Welcomes back to another Foxy Fashion post! Woah, that month flew.  The weather in June was a bit all over the place (much like my life) soooo I didn’t really know what to be wearing half the time, but anyway, here is my Foxy Fashion for June!

This black and white dress has been in my wardrobe for over a year, it was from Boohoo and I just fell in love with it. I love the illusion at the side with the black and white because I think it’s really flattering. Okay, look, to be honest I actually had spanx on and couldn’t breathe. Anyway, I wore it with my trusty white heels and a thick black choker. Simple and timeless.

This is the outfit I wore to the Penneys Press Day in Dublin. I styled the outfit around the shoes because they’re so pretty with the embroidery and pop of pink. The top and shoes are both from Penneys a while back and the skirt has been sitting in my wardrobe for years and comes out whenever I need the Carrie Bradshaw confidence. I think people either love or hate the shoes, I personally love them and when I bought them they were the last pair and an absolute bargain.

I always seem to style outfits around one particular piece of clothing and this time it was this embroidered floral belt (am I seeing a pattern here?) I honestly fell in love with it when I saw it in Penneys and I knew I just had to have it because I’ve wanted one for ages. I’ve gotten so much use out of it already. I found this outfit very fun and flirty because of the skater style of the skirt. It also looked nice with a black top but I found the red much more striking. Girls just want to have fun and all that!

This next outfit was the day after the fun and flirty outfit night so I was very hungover, very warm and needed the oversized denim jacket to hide my dodgy tan. Luckily I am still bronzed in this picture so didn’t look too close to death! These Chanel style espadrilles were from Heatons, the Jacket was my dads as we already know and the skirt was another Penneys bargain yet again.

As I said in the original post, I completely forgot I had this polka dot dress! No joke I have had it for YEARS. I think it was Penneys? Can’t remember but I would assume so. I think it is so girly and perfect for those relaxed summer days. Very 1950s! It might be a bit daring as a casual everyday look for some people but I personally love standing out and making an impact with colour and print.

I have saved my favourite outfit until last, it is also the most recent! This outfit I wore to the Matte To Metallic and Makeup Revolution Masterclass in Morrison’s Pharmacy, Cahir was giving me all sorts of pirate vibes last week! Once again the belt has made a comeback and I have teamed it with those dramatic sleeves and a pair of comfy yet chic pants from boohoo. I know I always mention pirate vibes lately, even in my last Foxy Fashion post, but honestly that was all I could think of with this one.

That’s all from Foxy Fashion for another month. We will have to see what the upcoming weather will bring because knowing Ireland I could be styling raincoats by next month. So which was your favourite? Are you inspired by the queen of quirky style Carrie Bradshaw? Or are you ready to run away with captain Jack Sparrow?

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