Inglot Roadshow

It has been over a week since I went to the Inglot Roadshow in the Clonmel Park Hotel and I had such a lovely day so I have decided to sit down and blog about it.

Firstly, if you’re thinking of going to one of the Roadshows you should definitely do it.  Tickets were only €15 and it was on from 2-5pm. I have wanted to go for ages because I obviously love makeup, and when the day finally came around I was so excited. I went with my friend Emma as she is as makeup mad as I am. I also bumped into my lovely makeup artist friends Donna and Catriona, hadn’t seen them in aaages! So nice to catch up.

When we got there the queue was insane and we saw Jane walking around with her phone snapping us all, so the excitement really started to set in then. We were seated in the second row and had an amazing view of the stage, and they also had tv screens set up around the room which was so handy if you couldn’t see the stage properly.
The Inglot makeup artists that were there were Maria Murphy, Ellie McDonough, Niamh Cleary, Lorna Ryan and Keilidh Cashell. They each ran through a different demo and it was so great to learn their tips and see their individual tricks and how they all do things that bit differently. It just shows how makeup really is an art that lets your own creativity shine through! I don’t want to give too much away incase you do want to go because it was exciting not knowing what to expect on the day.
There was also a Q&A and Jane Swarbrigg came on stage to chat to us all too. I was so glad Jane was there because she was so inspiring with how she has grown Inglot here in Ireland but she was still so down to earth and approachable which I think is so important if you are in business, especially when you are largely appealing to an audience of younger females. During the Q&A I asked them their favourite products to achieve dewy skin and they all advised the SPF Primer and the Face Mist, they all seemed to really rely on these for that glowing, summer skin look. I have bought the Face Mist since, can’t wait to try it.
Afterwards we could have a chat to all the girls and have our foundation and brows matched. I got a HD tester because I needed a new night out foundation and ended up buying one recently when I was in Dublin – in love! I was so delighted with how the Inglot girls were, they were all so friendly and real. There was no competition in the air, they were all so genuine and happy to help and advise which says so much for the company. Apart from their amazing products, this is a huge factor which keeps me coming back to Inglot, the way the girls talk to you is so refreshing because you feel like you’re getting advice from a friend rather than feeling clueless and as if you’re a nuisance when you ask lots of questions.
While the girls were doing the matching, we had the opportunity to chat to Jane and Keilidh. I have to say I got wayyyy too excited meeting Keilidh, fangirl moment! I was even a bit nervous to go up to her. What I love about her is how she is so quirky and creative with her talent, she really expresses herself however she wants to and I idolise that about her. She is also so funny and relatable. Yes, she also hugged me… just me who’s still excited?!
So there you go, my thoughts on the Inglot Roadshow. I would actually love to do the day all over again. If you’re thinking of going to the next round of Roadshows, definitely go! It was so affordable, I learned so much, I got to meet some really inspirational ladies and it was such a lovely girly day out with my best friend Emma because we are both passionate about it. We love makeup, don’t think our bank accounts do though! I now have all the notes I took down in the booklet they gave us to refer back to, products to look into and details on the favourite products of the MUAs present on the day.
Anyone want to drive me to my closest Inglot store, nah?!
Happy makeup shopping and tutorial watching xx

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