Rant Of The Week: All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies

I have decided to rant about something very close to my heart at the moment – falling in love with fictional characters. I have decided to use this as a topic because I have still not come back to reality since my idol liked one of my photos on social media. This woman was Sarah Jessica Parker, or Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. She is New York City’s ultimate single gal, relatable writer, and the first and probably only woman to manage to marry Mr emotionally unavailable.Yes, like I said before, this is fiction. The reason she noticed my photo was because I tagged her in my outfit picture. The outfit was very Carrie and I completely styled it on her fashion sense. I wore it to NUI Galway as I was giving a talk at the Writers’ Society Convention. I really enjoyed it, it was a great day. After a mixture of nerves and excitement, ending the day with a like from Sarah Jessica Parker was the cherry on top. To others this may have seemed like just a bit of luck that a famous actress liked it, but to me, no matter how cheesy it may sound, this was a seal of approval from Carrie Bradshaw, an achievement that I will never let go of, and a motivation to keep doing what I love.

Even though not everybody thinks she’s the ideal woman, to me, Carrie Bradshaw is a symbol of single women everywhere. She is my idol. Many people say to me ‘but Carrie Bradshaw isn’t real’ however, that doesn’t make me like her any less. I like to absorb the lives of the Sex and the City girls, and for me, Carrie is the most relatable character. She writes, she loves fashion, she loves her girlfriends, and is constantly learning new things about the male species while fighting the heartache left behind by Mr. Big. For me, this is real life. Fiction based on a very real reality for women everywhere. She wears her heart on her sleeve and Manolo Blahnik’s on her feet while spending her Saturday nights sipping away on Cosmopolitans.

You see so many people obsess over things such as Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones etc, the list is endless, and this is what Sex and the City is for me. It is an escape from my own life and a place to take advice and learn from. SJP didn’t like my photo from her own point of view, she liked it as Carrie Bradshaw. So for anybody who likes to remind me that Carrie Bradshaw isn’t real, just remember that she is for single girls everywhere. Whether you’re Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda, the show may have ended years ago, but the era of struggling single girls hasn’t.

Was this a sign from the Universe telling me I am doing the right thing by combining my love of fashion with my love of writing about life and relationships? Most definitely! Whatever you love, continue to love, even if it isn’t real life. Sometimes the things that aren’t real wake us up to the things that are. So to all my fellow single girls – if you’re confused, single and happy, or even left reeling from Mr. emotionally unavailable, free yourself and make yourself emotionally available for everything that the world has to offer – laugh with your girlfriends, over-analyse things that guys say, and work that scrunch dry. Enjoy your years as the ultimate single gal, whether it’s in the Irish Countryside or in New York City, keep going and everything will eventually work out the way it’s supposed to – because that is most definitely fact, not fiction. 

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