5 Kisses Every Girl Is Familiar With

All girls will have a different amount of kisses in their lifetime. In our minds they range from the first ‘Oh my god, what way do I turn my head?’ to ‘Can you just be the only person to kiss me forever please?’ And in between all of that there are the drunken ones, the regretted ones, and the special ones. Okay, well, actually, I’m no expert. My list of past crushes and kisses are totally different lengths. I’ve kissed princes that turned out to be frogs, and I’m sure frogs often turn out to be princes.

Here is my list of 5 kisses every girl is familiar with!

1. The First Kiss
What way do I turn my head? How will we know when to stop it? Where do I put my hands? Yeah, lets not spend too long dwelling on that one…

2. The Life Changer
Such a perfect moment of teenage romance even if you weren’t sure if you actually liked him or not… nevertheless, this will be one to tell the children about when your husband isn’t around!

3. The Long-Awaited One
You really like him, he kind of likes you, you want it to happen but you’re also terrified because you know once you play one game of tonsil tennis with him you’ll be needing to go back for round two, marriage and babies…

4. The Drunken Rebound
Mine consisted of my friend saying ‘This is my friend and she’s really upset about a boy’ Nicholas Sparks novel material right there as he gazed into my puffy teary eyes…

5. The Bad Habit
‘Don’t let me go near him tonight’ *2 hours later crying on bathroom floor* ‘DAMMIT GIRLS, YOU HAD ONE JOB!’

And on the occasions where we are not doing any of the above, we are usually Ross…
Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Happy kissing and reminiscing! xx

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