12 Things That Happen When Girls Try To Find An Outfit For A Night Out

We’ve all been there, this simple task always ends up becoming the end of the world within 10 minutes…

1. Stare at mass of clothes
Oh this will be easy, I have loads to wear!

2. Happily try on a few outfits
Okay, so it’s either these skinny jeans with my new heels or my trusty black dress… simple!

3. Struggle to do up skinny jeans
Does anybody else do that little dance around their bedroom while trying to get their button done up?

4. Stress sets in 
Oh my god, even though I walked back from the chipper last night, the chips on my hips still won’t budge and I hate everyone.

5. Raid sisters wardrobe
Hey, wait a minute, this is my top!

6. Get stuck in dress
Oh my god, I thought me and my sister were at least kind of similar sizes…

7. Advice hunting
Typical, I just sent a group snap of my outfit to all the girls and not one of them is opening it within 20 seconds, how rude…

8. Stare at mass of clothes… again!

9. Emotional breakdown
My jeans don’t fit, my new top looks weird, I can’t find my other high heel, AND he isn’t texting me back. *Dramatically collapses on bed*

10. Tea break
Damn you clothes, may you lay here alone on the floor in darkness…

11. Success at last
Oh, so this was the first outfit I tried on.

12. Ask mum for opinion
Ughhhhhhh why is my mother so honest… back to square one…

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