I Don’t Know About You, But At Least I’m Not 22

I always remember when I used to play games with my sister when we were little and we always used to say “Oh I’m 18” because we thought it was such a cool age and so grown up. I am now sitting here in my bunny dressing gown while eating a Frozen candy cane after turning 20 yesterday and realising how wrong I was. 18 year-old-me is now long gone and I feel I appreciated her more when I was six rather than when I actually was 18. Where did the years go? Can they please slow down slightly? I’m not mature enough or emotionally prepared for this whole ageing process…

Anyway, I had such a lovely day with my family and got fab presents, a few of which are pictured below! When I have my new phone up and running I will update you on more bits and pieces I got for Christmas and my birthday 🙂 Snapchat: fenellafoxy

To be honest, the day before my birthday I was dreading turning 20, but now that the fear is done and dusted I am SO excited to see what adventures will await me in my twenties! I can’t wait to learn to drive and there are loads of places in the world I’m dying to see. Paris is the top of my list and always has been, but I also want to go to London and New York. Can you believe I’m from England but have never been to London? So close to home but definitely on the bucket list! Who knows what is on the horizon for 2016 🙂 What have you guys been up to? Any birthdays coming up or exciting plans for 2016?:) 

Now that we have started a brand new year, if you have any questions or blog post requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I would love to hear from you and hear your feedback 🙂 Also, don’t forget about the giveaway I’m doing, check out my Facebook or Instagram to see how you can be in with a chance of winning my pamper hamper 🙂 I’m also aiming to hit 1,000 followers on Instagram soon so I would love your help! Fingers crossed 🙂 

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