Rant Of The Week: A Cinderella Story

Well guys, I have to admit, I almost had a Cinderella moment on New Years Eve. And no, I don’t mean I was transformed into a beautiful princess or a prince came and searched every household in the middle of nowhere for me, I just mean I was about to leg it out the door before the clock hit midnight. Glass slipper left behind or not, if the two guys behind me on the dance floor got any closer that was about to turn into one messed up fairytale – ‘Man found purposely squashed by pumpkin carriage due to Cinderella no longer needing a man to save her.’ Excuse me Mr, please back up. We may be about to say goodbye to 2015 but that doesn’t mean I’ve left my sense or list of potential men I already have lined up behind as well. Although I really should rethink the decision about the potential men… New Years Resolution number one: He is potential, but not essential.

Why is there the tradition to kiss someone on New Years? What if I don’t want to ring in the New Year with a complete stranger? What if I’m one of those girls who likes saving her kisses for someone special even if they are only kisses? Am I a dying breed of girl kind? In my family we just bang saucepans together outside and start singing, why can’t we do that in clubs and at parties too? Anyway, as the countdown began I was sandwiched between my horrendous romantic choices of 2015, and the men lurking to be the start of that again in 2016. As it hit 12 I ended up kissing my best friend (my own fairy godmother, many a makeover has she transformed me with in the past) on the cheek while there were numerous games of tonsil tennis being played around us – Some quite cute, some quite drunken, and some quite memorable for all the wrong reasons. I then went and did a shot of tequila, thought about life for a bit and then danced to Single Ladies.

I am now sitting here with the flu (and I didn’t even kiss anyone, bloody hell!) and smiling about what an amazing night I had anyway. Lets face it, what makes Cinderella a classic – the magic, the fashion or the man? Yep, talk to you later Prince Charming because 2016 is all about creating my own fairytale!

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2016! With more of this positive change…

And hopefully less of this…
“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” 
Happy New Year everybody! Xx

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