Rant Of The Week: It’s Raining Men

A few moments ago I was sitting here with a serious case of writer’s block, that was until I saw that two very unlikely men had a very unlikely reunion. Those men were Carrie Bradshaw’s ex-boyfriend, Aidan, and her husband, Mr. Big. If you don’t watch Sex and the City, you should be aware that these were the two main men battling it out for Sarah Jessica Parker’s on-screen heart, and Big won in the end. Obviously, in real life they probably get along fine and had a great time when they saw each other, however, I got to thinking… what would happen if we threw every guy we’ve ever liked in a room together? Would they get along? Would they be at ease? Would you be comfortable with it?

It made me realise that I really don’t have a type. The air would be dangerously filled with football and rugby balls flying around the place, with a guitar playing in the background and someone wearing a dodgy tracksuit. There would be haunting echoes of the words ‘I love you’, ‘I don’t want a girlfriend’ and sadly and embarrassingly ‘D’ya wanna shift now?’ They may be completely at ease, but I most definitely would not be. One side of the room would stink of real heartbreak and pain and the other of 13-year-old humiliation and regret – all joined together by Lynx Africa, no doubt. Now imagine all of this with little old me in the middle – Very very single, but definitely refusing to mingle. 
Is there ever a continuous theme with our love interests, apart from, in my case, dark hair and bad luck? Does your first kiss mirror your first love? Your first boyfriend your last? No, no, no, no. Please people, lets keep them all in different rooms, counties, continents, planets. We don’t want them swapping stories, especially the cringe-worthy ones from 2010 that you’re still denying…

It’s no wonder SJP herself chose to skip the occasion!

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