Rant Of The Week: Fictional Men Vs. Real Life Men

As you all know, I’ve really been binge watching Sex and the City recently, not only does it make me very entertained, it has also given me valuable life advice and made me question my view on relationships. Does my taste in fictional men reflect my taste in real life men? Yes. The answer is most definitely a big fat yes. Here are just a few examples out of hundreds…

Sex and the City: Let’s start at the obvious, Mr.Big. He and Carrie never worked. They always wanted different things, he couldn’t commit to her, he always left her wondering, he got married to someone else even though he wouldn’t marry Carrie, he then cheated on his wife with Carrie, finally got engaged to Carrie but then left her at the altar and in the second movie was still being a bit of a dick. So any normal person would say wow, not the ideal guy, yet when Carrie was with Aidan I couldnt take my eyes off the screen until Mr.Big came back to seduce her and mess with her head again. Why? because I am an absolute dope. I always look for happy endings in places where there couldn’t possibly be a happy ending, maybe I like the challenge? Why do women always run back to what we find familiar even though it didn’t work out the first time? Note to self, stop falling back into bad habits.

Grease: Danny Zuko, why do I find him so hot when he is the definition of a typical lad? He didn’t give Sandy a second look until she was sewn into those tight little leggings and started smoking, so was that really love when he was more interested in looking cool than treating her right? Note to self, stop falling for lads lads. 

Friends: Despite giving us the impression earlier that he was the dream boyfriend, Ross actually slept with another woman even though Rachel had been the love of his life for so long. I spent forever wishing they would get back together because he was just such a cutie, even though in reality that dramatic turn of events said a lot about his character. Note to self, stop falling for guilty charm.

Bridget Jones’s Diary: I don’t know if it’s something to do with the fact that I prefer Hugh Grant to Colin Firth, but I most definitely would not be able to resist Daniel Cleaver’s office flirting. Let’s face it though, he’s hardly future husband material and I would never ever introduce him to my parents. Note to self, stop falling for users.

An Officer and a Gentleman: So basically, Richard Gere leads the poor girl on for a while and then suddenly decides that he’s not really into her that much despite the fact that he met her family and continuously cuddled her (not cool) He’s not very nice to her, but he returns, very dramatically mind you, and sweeps her off her feet (literally) by walking into her workplace in his navy uniform. Every girls dream dammit… Note to self, stop falling for guys who aren’t quite sure what they want.

Now, where are all the Noah Calhoun’s at?

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