Living In Limbo

As a young woman, I’ve been in many different states in my life (slightly drunk, bad hair days etc.) but none of these have ever been as bad as being in the state of limbo. This is definitely one place that I do not want to be hanging out on a Saturday night. If you don’t know what limbo is, it’s basically the not quite sure stage where you feel you can’t move forward because someone else’s actions, well, lack of actions are preventing you from doing so and not letting you know where you stand.

Just imagine you’re a main character in the final scene of a romantic movie, but as the end credits start you step in a huge pile of chewing gum that the “knight in shining armor” had placed down on the ground without you knowing. You’ve spent the past twenty minutes in a picture perfect romantic embrace, but now he’s left you there stuck to the ground as he moves forward with his own life. What happens next? You’re now left in a very sticky situation with your own thoughts and the lingering smell of Paco Rabanne, so what do you do? Well, you can either stay stuck, stay wondering, stay waiting for a phonecall that deep down you know will never come, or you can be your own hero and take off the shoes. I’m personally a fan of the second plan. As I prepare to leave my teenage years behind me I have only just realised how important it is to get yourself out of limbo. Take off the shoes, keep on walking, and what will be will be. If he doesn’t still have time for you when the credits start rolling then do you really want there to be a sequel anyway?

Trust me, I know letting go is easier said than done, we’ve all experienced it, you feel you can’t let go until you know why. Why did this happen? Why didn’t he stay? Why aren’t I good enough? Well the truth is, you are good enough, you are too good. If he can’t appreciate and respect every single detail about you or even spare you five minutes out of his day to check you’re doing okay then he doesn’t deserve you. And I can assure you, you might be surprised how quickly a real Prince Charming arrives on a white horse to sweep you off your feet as soon as you learn to let go and stop kissing the same old frog.

“Maybe you’re only allotted a certain amount of tears per man, and I’ve used mine up.” – Carrie Bradshaw

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