Fe’s Fashion Facts: 12 Things To Know About Me

As you all know by now I have a huge passion for fashion (yes, I was part of the Bratz generation, clearly) That love for my own personal style has always been there, but it isn’t always perfect. Here are a few fashion facts about myself that I hope you ladies will enjoy and may be able to relate to!

1. I LOVE faux fur and denim jackets
Never bring me into River Island during Autumn because you will never be seen by the outside world again…

2. I can’t pull off yellow/mustard
It is just one of those colours that has never suited me and I don’t know why. I think it makes me look too washed out but I really wish I could wear it. I fell in love with Suzanne Jackson’s Missguided bodysuit she wore recently but I know if I wore it it just would not have the same effect! Didn’t it look amazing on her though? Wow!

3. I still can’t walk properly in heels
I would love to be able to strut around town in a pair of Kylie Jenner inspired heels everyday but I don’t want a second sprained ankle. I wear them every night out anyway though. Practise makes perfect, eh?

4. My wardrobe is my therapist
Whenever I feel down I spend half an hour choosing an outfit to lift my spirits and it works every single time! Well, most of the time…

5. “It will be grand as long as I look good”
I hate going out after making a half hearted effort at my hair, make-up or outfit. I would love to become known as a style icon!

6. Rings are my thing

I love jewellery and always feel naked without it. In particular, I love big rings and feather earrings!

7. Bridget Jones knickers
We all have things we’re insecure about so I solve this by throwing on a pair of Bridget Jones knickers. If Kim K can admit to wearing Spanx, why can’t I?

8. Flat hair, do care
I hate it when my hair is too flat. I love using my hair as a way to express myself, so messy and all over the place sums me up quite well!

9. I think fashion is what you make it
I don’t think we will ever be able to define what is fashionable because we all have different tastes. For example, I can’t ever imagine my sister stepping out in a leopard print coat, but for me, that print is ingrained in my soul…

10. Penneys is my second home
No matter where I go or who I meet, nothing can replace the spot that Penneys holds in my heart. If you ever take me in there you have to let me roam free and understand that “I’ll be 10 minutes” actually means a good four days or so…

11. I idolise Carrie Bradshaw
When it comes to style and lifestyle, Carrie is everything I want to achieve. She really is a major girl crush of mine!

12. Thongs stressed me out for years
I just couldn’t understand why anybody would want to put themselves through that pain (see point seven.) I’m over the emotional trauma of it now though, thank god!

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