Things Women Do That Men Probably Don’t Know About

Or maybe it’s just me and none of you can relate? Awks…

1. Shave certain parts of our legs depending on what’s exposed
Ripped jeans? Random patches of silky smooth leg it is. The only reason behind it is pure laziness.

2. We go to the bathroom together for many reasons
We either just like the company or we don’t need to pee at all and need to have a quick cry/panic/breakdown over the fact that our ex boyfriend just walked through the door.

3. Every woman has watched herself crying in the mirror at least once
We need to check if we’re ugly criers. I am, unfortunately.

4. We enjoy plucking random hairs and squeezing spots
It’s a sick hobby only done while alone or when the girls are over, but it needs to be done.

5. We can make new besties in a matter of seconds
“Your skirt is fine at the back and there’s no tissue paper in the second cubicle… add me on Snapchat!”

6. We tell our sister and best friend EVERYTHING
Yeah, watch yourself…

7. Oh, and all male relatives (well, everything to a certain extent)
My brother may only be 16 but it doesn’t mean he won’t knock you out. I’ve also text my cousin in England so now he hates you too…

8. It’s normal for us to make up unrealistic romantic movie scenarios in our head
Usually to fill that void when you decide not to text us back… which is a lot…

9. The majority of us name our boobs

Mary-Kate why are you slightly bigger and more perky than Ashley?

10. We always read over old conversations before we sleep
Awww remember when he called me beautiful on October 8th 2012…

11. It’s only okay to wear an outfit again if no one important was out that night and there’s no evidence of the outfit 
“Don’t take any pictures of me! I’m gonna wear this again when he’s out for his friends birthday in three weeks time”

12. We do some seriously creepy investigating into your past even though it only makes us upset and a little bit crazy
You may not have told us about every girl you’ve ever been with, but don’t worry, we’ve saved you the hassle by figuring it out all by ourselves. Why did you like her seventh profile picture, the filter choice was horrendous, is she an idiot?

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