Rant Of The Week: Leaving Cert Hype Time Again? Be Grand!

I am aware that peoples mocks are starting soon, so I decided to dedicate my rant of the week to all you unfortunate people out there! I know the majority of you are probably panicking and thats completely understandable but I am here to offer you the light at the end of the tunnel…you will survive. The teachers may make out that a bad mock or even Leaving Cert result is the start of the apocalypse, but you will soon learn, as I did, that it in fact is not and life does go on!  I remember all through secondary school I didn’t have a clue where my life was going, and to be honest I still don’t really, but isn’t that all part of the fun of life? These are only the mocks so you definitely will be fine. I can remember my actual Leaving Cert and thinking the Biology paper was written in chinese. I’m still questioning that to this day to be honest! I came out of the exam in floods of tears and thought my life was over. It then hit me that I have absolutely no interest in Biology and know my passions lie elsewhere. As long as all the parts of my body know what they’re supposed to be doing I don’t necessarily need the in depth knowledge, so be grand!

Teachers build up the hype of exams but when you really think about it, they have to, it’s their job! So on that note, don’t let a bad result or comment from a teacher knock your own self confidence. They don’t actually know you, you just spend forty minutes listening to them talk for five days a week. Don’t get me wrong, the majority are a great help and support but some aren’t as much. I was told by one teacher that I should be a librarian..anyone who knows me knows that I’d be the most irritating librarian ever! I could talk for Ireland! My deputy principal also told me that I needed to stop dying my hair because I wouldn’t be able to work in a bank with hair like that. I had no intention of working in a bank and even if I did, how would that affect him? He also asked me what people would think of the school if I went downtown with my hair like that. Ummm, they will probably think wow she has dyed hair just like the other 85% of the worlds population. Look at me now, no library, no bank and my hair is still frazzled within an inch of it’s life from bleach and tint just the way I like it! Yaaaay! My hair is my thing, I’m the only person that can take that away from me.

So take a minute to breathe. Hard work always pays off for people who do need high points, and if you know that you don’t need high points for whatever you need to do then just relax. I genuinely believe whats for you wont pass you. My dream careers have varied from Britney Spears to a primary school teacher. Both still equally achievable, Britney Spears with many singing lessons and primary school teaching through back doors, or college when I hit 23!

Throw the kettle on guys and make the most of not having double maths for the next two weeks!
Best of luck!

Fe xxx

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