Review: Night On The Town? Pass The Cocoa Brown!

Tan plays a huge role in the lives of females today. Where would I be on nights out without my Cocoa Brown? To be honest, it’s my extra layer of confidence! We all know without it life would be grim.

My sister and I have about twelve bottles between us and I would not have it any other way. Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is my favourite tan by far. I’m useless at putting on tan evenly but whenever I apply Cocoa Brown it manages to come out so nicely. I love a natural looking bronzed glow! I usually apply it late at night and then wash it off the following day. Luckily I never wake up with cheese puff limbs or dirty looking knees and elbows and this is because of it’s lovely application! Cocoa Brown usually lasts me a good five days or so and for stubborn areas I bought Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff which really did work! I would recommend Cocoa Brown to everybody because you’re bound to find one to suit you. It smells divine, it is completely affordable and it is available in Penneys! Wahey! I use it for every night out and even used it for my debs.

Get buying and applying ladies, Saturday has arrived!

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