The Best Moisturiser That You Will Ever Have. Ever.

One of the most annoying things for many girls is the issue of dry skin. It can make us really self conscious and we try to cover it up with makeup, but of course, that only worsens the problem by making it even more noticeable. I have been struggling with this for the majority of my teenage years and no moisturisers were helping, until now. Luckily, some weeks ago a miracle happened. As I was shopping I was drawn in by a pink tube on one of the shelves of Penneys makeup section. It was “Moisture Match- Dry To Very Dry Skin” by Garnier. Was I really going to leave it there? It’s pink and helps with dry skin, it’s like I had found my soulmate. Well, that was in fact the case because it is the best moisturiser that I have ever had. My skin is no longer dry and feels great. Goodbye worries and hello silky smooth!

If you don’t suffer with dry skin, not to worry because the Moisture Match range is tailor-made to suit all skin types. There are five of them available- One for normal skin, one for normal/dry, one for very dry (the one I bought), one for dull skin and one for combination/oily skin (which my sister has and loves!). Can we all take a moment to thank Garnier for giving us our confidence back please?

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