Snapchat: The biggest mistake of your life…

So as a girl who uses Snapchat everyday, I have decided to share my top 10 Snapchat rules! Yes, they may seem like common sense but trust me, one wrong click and you could be single forever…

10) Don’t make the mistake of ‘Oh I’ll send this really hot guy a really ugly snap because it shows I can have a laugh’, it’s been 4 hours, he’s not going to reply…
9) Only send sudocrem selfies if you’re ready for the consequences that follow.
8) Always place the writing over that spot that has developed into a second head.
7) If you’re going to send buck tooth or cross eyed snaps to your friends make sure you remember to set the time to 3 seconds or lower.
6) Decide whether this guy is worth cute ugly or ugly ugly.
5) Be sure to know the difference between cute ugly and ugly ugly…
4) Don’t send snaps after nights out, it’s not worth the regret…

3) Dont add couples, their stories will either make you want to vomit all over your phone or restart your Adele obsession.
2) Don’t add guys with names such as ‘fitlad212’, chances are he isn’t your soulmate. Equally, girls with names like ‘cutiepie123xo’ shouldn’t be seen as potential threats because chances are she’s not much older than 12 so you needn’t worry! 
1) Dont get Snapchat. Even though its very fun, you will just end up getting screen shot by your mature friends and accidentally send sudocrem selfies to the love of your life. You have been warned…. 

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