Leaving Cert Distractions

I know I haven’t written a blog in aaaages so here goes! My Leaving Cert is in less than a month, so here is a list of ways of how you may fail it if you are anything like me 🙂 I am so easily distracted.

1) Tell your mum that you’re not bothered about getting a summer job. Trust me, once that four day rant starts you’ll wish you were studying Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants…

2) Sit through every history class not listening, but pointing at random old guys with moustaches in your book and say “That’s you!” to the person beside you. You should probably only do that to your friends though, other people might not get the humour because apparently at 18 that’s not a very mature game to still be playing…

3) Pretend you left a book in your room and keep running backwards and forth up and down the stairs so you don’t actually have to study but you look productive. Nobody actually knows I do this, but I do…

4) Skip happily around the house until your legs go flying from under you and you land straight down on your bum and hit your elbow off of a desk. You wont be able to do anything because you’ll just be in a heap on the floor, completely mortified and hoping the ground will swallow you up. Just don’t ask…

5) Send a Snapchat that was meant to be for your bestfriend to someone hot or set it as your story. You won’t be able to sit the Leaving Cert because you’ll be jumping on the next flight to Peru!

6) Pretend that you are in a One Direction video. You won’t get much study done but at least for those 3 minutes you know in your heart that Harry Styles wants to have babies with you.

7) Exercise. Hahahahaha I’m obviously joking I just needed another one.

8) Start looking for a dress for grad night. 10 minutes on Boohoo will soon turn into seven hours on every dress website on the planet and when you don’t find anything (which trust me, you wont) head downstairs and complain to the rest of the house about how unfair life is.

9) Stare at your maths book and wonder where it all went wrong.

10) Sleep.

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