That dreaded time of year has arrived. The moment we have all been waiting for since we knew it existed. Those 3 letters that we all hate to hear. CAO. Some people may ponder the meaning of the letters and personally for me they mean ‘Crying Aloud On my own’. Obviously this isn’t the actual meaning, but I genuinely couldn’t tell you what it actually is so please don’t ask…
My first ever dream that I can remember having was to be the next Britney Spears. I thought this was going pretty well for me until this evening, 14 years later, when I was sitting in the car with my mum and she said ‘You don’t exactly have the voice of Leona Lewis’. WELL THANKS A LOT MOTHER! What now? WHAT NOW? This leaves me with Fashion Design, Journalism and Primary Teaching. Most people would look at things such as how much it pays, where can you study it, are there many jobs available etc etc. But for me I think about one very important detail, which one sounds cooler? Do I want Cheryl Cole to say ‘I’m wearing Fenella Fox’? Do I want to be on Sky News saying ‘This is Fenella Fox, reporting live from the moon.’ Or, do I want people to refer to me as ‘Miss Fox’ as I strut down the corridor in my high heels terrifying everybody in my path? I really cannot decide. For the moment I think I’ll just relax and worry about it on the day of the CAO deadline and hope a modelling agency has signed me by then…

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