My Nights Out Adventures! More to come…

As I am lying in bed on a dull Sunday evening in complete denial about school tomorrow, I have realised that the only things getting me through this year are a) food and b) nights out. B seemed like it would be a more interesting topic to write about and wouldn’t tempt me to make a late night trip down to the kitchen. So, what does appeal to me so much about going out late at night while freezing to death and spending the majority of the night crying in the bathrooms? Is it the moody bouncers, the challenge of putting on fake eyelashes or the strange middle aged men who blow on your neck while you’re ordering a drink? Wrong. In fact, I enjoy being several inches taller, beautifully sun kissed (or in some cases orange, but my tanning skills have improved), and spending the night with strange beings I sometimes refer to as ‘friends’. Sure you have the occasional night where you burst into tears in the middle of the dance floor for no apparent reason. Well I do, but I tend to do that everywhere really. The bathrooms of course are the best places for dmc’s when 5 of you squeeze into one cubicle and you’re all saying the same thing to each other..’I don’t think he likes me’. Then after 20 minutes of telling each other that we’re gorgeous, we all stop crying and head back out into the hustle and bustle of the night in single file (I always end up being the one with tissue stuck to my shoe). Then as a potential shift interest walks near you all you can do is play it cool and pray that your skirt isn’t tucked into your knickers…Yep, once again I am that friend. Still single, any takers? 

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