My Top Three Hairstyles For A Night Out

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love changing up my hair on a daily basis. Since I always go for a different hairstyle every Saturday night I have decided to share a few of my favourites with you! These are very simple and mainly just require a bit of practise and a lot of backcombing! Haha Enjoy 🙂

1. Scrunch Dry
Okay, so for any regular followers, that was obvious! Lately I am absolutely LOVING the scrunch dry! I love that bouncy look and I think it adds a bit of oomph to any outfit. Mine usually lasts two or three days until I have to wash it again. To get this look, after applying mousse I just put the diffuser on my hairdryer and slowly scrunch my hair in my hands while blow-drying it with my head turned over. If you don’t get it right the first few times, don’t panic! It’s only recently that I can actually do it myself, my mum is a hairdresser so she taught me the ropes! Haha I then hold it with some hairspray and plumping powder. I love scrunch drying my hair because you can play around with it, leave it down, pin it back, half tie it up and it never fails to look fab! If you straighten your hair regularly it may take a few goes before it curls nicely, but keep going with it and you’ll get there eventually 🙂

2. Slicked Back
You know when you’re looking for a really sleek, classy look? Slicked back is always the way to go! For me it was very Kardashian inspired and I was dying to try it out. There are loads of tutorials online of how to achieve it but hey, just grab a backcombing brush, a comb, some hairspray and go for it! You can always brush it out if it doesn’t go to plan. For me I love it slicked back but with a bit of height too!

3. Messy Straight
I know straight is a very obvious hair choice, but I can never have it too straight! I always love volume and something fun, I get too bored of my hair otherwise. Just straighten it as normal but add some plumping powder, backcomb it, flick parts out or add some subtle curls for an edgy twist. Perfect if you want a change but don’t want anything too dramatic.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I usually choose my hairstyle and make-up depending on my outfit so it’s all about learning what works best for you and what you love the most! It’s your hair so don’t be afraid to experiment because any disasters can be easily fixed 🙂 This was just a quick post so for any hair questions feel free to ask away 🙂 x

Rant Of The Week: A Few Thoughts On An Aeroplane

Does it ever really matter? When we’re young we see everything as the most important thing in the world, but does it ever really matter? As I am writing this I am sitting beside a complete stranger on a plane waiting to take off for England, surrounding us are many other complete strangers who at some point in their lives all thought one thing or another was the end of the world. Relationships, friendships, school, money, work – we have all gone through hundreds of ups and downs and realistically, all the ups and downs in the lives of the people surrounding me combined would barely add up to a grain of sand in comparison to the whole universe.

I have people who have affected my life at some point who are now in all corners of the earth – people who have made me laugh, people who have made me cry, and people who have touched my heart for now and forever. So does it ever really matter? When I am on a beach in the next few days staring out at the horizon, will these people stop living their own lives? Will they be aware of what I’m doing? No, because they will be touching fresh lives on other pieces of land surrounded by an exciting new culture while I do the same. How many people have stepped on the sand before me, how many footsteps were supporting a vessel of both sadness and happiness? 
I find it funny how you can go from seeing someone as your whole world to them not being in your own world at all. As the waves keep crashing, the earth keeps turning, we meet new people and we make new routines. We are all on this earth for a reason, right? We will probably all end up on opposite ends of it at some point to explore new things and grow as people. So when things change and we believe it’s the end of the world we need to remember that the earth is round, so there really is no end, it’s just all about moving to a new location to gain a better and more stable view. One minute you’re down, the next you’re up, so let’s just be grateful the world is forever turning and darkness will soon turn to light again.

I Didn’t Get Turned Into A Mouse!

Can anybody remember being absolutely traumatised by the film The Witches as a child? Remember the film that is based on the book by Roald Dahl about a boy and his grandma and the children getting turned into mice? As frightening as it was, I have seen it hundreds of times because I loved it, I think it’s a great film and I still watch it anytime it’s on TV. Sure after you watch it you may spend your time in crowded areas trying to spot witches, but it’s so worth it (and probably a handy skill to have!)

Anyway, a few years ago while on one of our annual family holidays to Cornwall myself and my sister spotted a hotel in Newquay and I said ‘That looks like the hotel from The Witches!’ it was only when I went home and googled it that I realised that’s because it is the hotel from the film. Although it was called Hotel Excelsior in the film, the actual name of it is The Headland Hotel.

This time when I visited Cornwall I was determined to go and visit it so we decided to go there on our last day. Driving up to the hotel I was so excited! My inner child couldn’t contain it! The views from the hotel are stunning, as was the hotel itself. It only got better as we got inside, it was gorgeous. I asked at reception if this was the hotel where they filmed The Witches and the woman I asked was kind enough to give me a sheet of information about it which I think was lovely of her. The staff were all so lovely which I think is an important part of going to a hotel because you feel much more comfortable. We had lunch there (highly recommend the chips) and I read all about the filming and location, all about the rooms they stayed in, Rowan Atkinson’s eccentric nature and how Jack Nicholson sent flower arrangements to the hotel for Angelica Houston who was his girlfriend at the time! Wow!

Myself and my family immediately fell in love with the hotel and to be honest, some of the rooms even reminded me of the gorgeous rooms we see in Titanic. It had a very elegant, cosy look which I loved. If things weren’t already going well enough we headed out to the bathroom and when my mum and I came out we realised my brother was gone… my first reaction was ‘Oh my god, he’s been turned into a mouse!’ but luckily, he had just gone downstairs to the mens toilet! As we were strolling down the hall, a familiar face caught my eye, my mouth dropped and when I turned and looked at my mum, her reaction then confirmed that I wasn’t going crazy… we had just seen Phillip Schofield! What are the chances! He had a large number of family and staff around him so I didn’t ask for a picture but I do regret that now. I immediately scanned the room for Holly but I soon realised it was a family occasion! Haha

Even though it poured from the heavens all day I didn’t mind, it gave a much more eerie setting and I got so caught up in the atmosphere, I was on a buzz for the rest of the day! I would love to stay in the hotel sometime (perhaps in a room they used in the film?!) so that is definitely on my bucket list now, but at least I can tick off that I saw it.

If you visit Newquay or even Cornwall in general, it is definitely worth a visit. Whether you’ve seen the film or not, and spot a celeb or not, the absolutely beautiful sea views at The Headland Hotel are not to be missed! Just look out for the Grand High Witch and try not to be alarmed by any possible mice!

Rant Of The Week: Healing Old Paper Cuts And Starting New Chapters

When important chapters of our life end, why do we always seek closure? Isn’t closure just confirming the heartbreak we already knew about? Does closure close old wounds or tear them apart even more? At some point in every girls life, this topic becomes an issue. It doesn’t matter how much you try to fill the void with wine and laughter with your girlfriends, you will always see your love life as a book and until you close the book that isn’t currently making you happy anymore, you can’t start a new, better one – one that makes for a much easier, light hearted, straight forward read.

Maybe you loved the book to begin with, or maybe you read it so many times it just became too predictable after a while and it finally hit you that the ending would never change no matter how much you hoped it would. Maybe the main character and hero of your story is actually busy reading another book altogether. Some people are closed books because they don’t crave to be read like some of us do and I firmly believe that you can go through lots of books before you find one that really fits, one that won’t make you over analyse every word on every page or keep re-reading old chapters. I think one day we are all destined to find one book that will eventually change our life, and every other book gets left on the shelf, fondly remembered, but rarely, if ever, opened.

Every person has different tastes when it comes to reading, and I think that’s the same with love. And yes, the majority of times we will go through at least one full horror novel in our life. Saying that though, that doesn’t mean every book before ‘the one’ is negative. Just because one book didn’t suit me, it doesn’t mean I didn’t fall in love with parts of it. Or sometimes, maybe things don’t fit because the book doesn’t deserve the love you have to offer, or maybe it was too damaged to even try to be read. You have to be more careful when handling books that are fragile and worn, and I think that’s the same with hearts. Even if the cover appears shiny and perfect, sometimes the inside pages are scribbled on and torn. What you first thought was a book that is fresh and had no history, is actually a book that is holding an entire past you didn’t know about, with pages left damaged and torn by people who read, half read, or simply flicked through a few pages of the book before you. Each page and mark is telling a story, and as you read deeper and deeper the paper cuts become more frequent.

I can honestly say now, as a young woman, there will always be one book that will be left on the shelf with the others, but this one is different. It may appear to be the same, but this one is full of bookmarks, folded pages and memories that are ready to be reminisced about whenever you feel like it. This book has seen you at your worst and best, and was given parts of you that no one else ever got to experience – full hold of your heart that was once full of a careless innocence. And even though the ending wasn’t as you imagined it to be when you first started the book, and even if it wasn’t a classic love story to the rest of the world, the story will stay with you forever. To the book you may mean nothing, but it’s okay for the book to feel like everything to you. You fell in love with every part of the book, even though to other people the story may be unimportant, and that’s okay. You can’t explain the effect it had on you or how it captured pieces of your heart like never before, but this feeling won’t last forever, will it? No, because I think someday we will realise the ending of the novel was like this for a reason.

Maybe there isn’t always a sequel, or a movie, or an understanding. Maybe some books are meant to end to leave you feeling empty inside and wondering what to do next, until you realise you need to transform your life because you don’t really want an old book after all. You want someone who will build you the shelf to store all these precious memories on and write you a whole new series of books, a series so good that you will become so engrossed in the new story that you will no longer want to visit the shelf anyway. He will take the time to read and study every one of the pages of your own story and will be able to recite all the highs and lows. He will read it again and again and never get bored, and suddenly your gut will just know that 3/4 of the books chapters are meant to include him after all. However, in general, you just need to be the hero of your own story because waiting for other characters, no matter how big or small, will mean you miss out on a lot of the adventure you need to experience on your own. And I firmly believe that when you’re least expecting it, there will be the biggest plot twist of all when someone walks into your life and you finally understand why the other books had to end.

Finding closure is important, and yes it’s hard, but it’s possible. It’s just about being strong enough to close the book and end the familiar comfort and security of it when the story no longer thrills you or awakens your soul to wonderful, magical things. Even if it wasn’t a whole book, maybe it was just a small chapter that can be left where it is and will have no future impact on the rest of your story. Sometimes heroes become villains, but sometimes we can also love the villains because we first fell in love with the hero they were on the first page. Once we learn to let go of the villains and come to terms with the fact that the first page wasn’t a true representation of the rest of the story, we can start to admire the pages inside rather than the deceiving cover and introduction.