Rant Of The Week: A Few Thoughts On An Aeroplane

Does it ever really matter? When we’re young we see everything as the most important thing in the world, but does it ever really matter? As I am writing this I am sitting beside a complete stranger on a plane waiting to take off for England, surrounding us are many other complete strangers who at some point in their lives all thought one thing or another was the end of the world. Relationships, friendships, school, money, work – we have all gone through hundreds of ups and downs and realistically, all the ups and downs in the lives of the people surrounding me combined would barely add up to a grain of sand in comparison to the whole universe.

I have people who have affected my life at some point who are now in all corners of the earth – people who have made me laugh, people who have made me cry, and people who have touched my heart for now and forever. So does it ever really matter? When I am on a beach in the next few days staring out at the horizon, will these people stop living their own lives? Will they be aware of what I’m doing? No, because they will be touching fresh lives on other pieces of land surrounded by an exciting new culture while I do the same. How many people have stepped on the sand before me, how many footsteps were supporting a vessel of both sadness and happiness? 
I find it funny how you can go from seeing someone as your whole world to them not being in your own world at all. As the waves keep crashing, the earth keeps turning, we meet new people and we make new routines. We are all on this earth for a reason, right? We will probably all end up on opposite ends of it at some point to explore new things and grow as people. So when things change and we believe it’s the end of the world we need to remember that the earth is round, so there really is no end, it’s just all about moving to a new location to gain a better and more stable view. One minute you’re down, the next you’re up, so let’s just be grateful the world is forever turning and darkness will soon turn to light again.

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