“There is a time for everything and definitely a time for magic…”

Love collected me from my house a little before 3pm. I didn’t know it was love at this point and love didn’t know me, all I knew was the car that love drove so that I could look out for it. Love didn’t come crashing into my aura, it didn’t cause upheaval. Love pulled into the driveway, turned on the heated seats, spoke about family, brought me out for dinner and made me laugh until my sides hurt.

I connected with this person in a way I hadn’t before, in a way so new yet so familiar that I questioned everything I knew about love up until this point. Our childhoods were similar and we both used our fork with our right hand, it was as if something had eerily, magically aligned, yet at the same time we were complete opposites. He was calm, easy going, I am anything but that. Our laughter, however, was so in sync, it brewed a childlike sense of fun between us – the thing I believe cemented us the most, and still cements us now. However my days begin now, I know I’ll be giggling by the time midnight catches up with us.

He spoke softly about everybody, and he spoke softly to me. I knew I could let my guard down and whatever this was between us, I knew I would have to experience it again. Love dropped me home and we kissed goodbye under an aligning, starry September sky. It wasn’t goodbye for long, love asked when we could meet again.

Our time together grew, naturally and without questions. And after some time as I was nestled under his arm, he told me that he loved me. I almost felt guilty for how special that felt, for coming face to face with love… why me? Why now? “It’s just your time” my Mum told me, knowing the frogs I had kissed to get here, the rocky nature of the journey.

Somebody sent love to me on an ordinary September day, and every moment we laugh I am reminded that it was just my time. There is a time for everything and definitely a time for magic. The time may not be now, or tomorrow, but before you know it, it will be pulling into the driveway and taking off with you beside it. Cherish it, open yourself up to it, overwhelm yourself with the excitement of it – you do deserve it, it is your time.

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