“How many times can we analyse one fuckboy?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

How many times can we analyse one fuckboy? How many cups of tea have been downed when a situationship is also going down? There is something therapeutic about this process, the sound of the kettling boiling after the click of one gal, while the other one stares at a phone screen on the table, eagerly awaiting clarity on where this dead-end romantic situation is at. Best friends, many cuppas, 400 custards creams, 63 screenshots, all cushioning one big question… Has he gone weird?

Whether it’s at your kitchen table, dressings gowns out in force, in the middle of the buzz of your local cafe, or in a pub where the espressos quickly mature into martinis – there is nothing quite like analysing fuckboys with your girlfriends. When the potential love all crumbles like a granola bar, the people around you bring the laughter that won’t be there when you’re going over this situation again by yourself at 3am. Find yourself the right group of gals to have around you, and each one will have her own unique way of softening the fall for you when he is tumbling off his pedestal. The romantic, the realist, the tough love, the comedian – your concoction of friendship fuels the way you respond to the text you are waiting to light up your phone. And if it’s not the text you had hoped for, a notification you wish you had never seen, then as I said before, find yourself the right group of gals to have around you, because they’ll be there for the dressing gown days, but also helping the corners of your fake lashes stick when you’ve found it within yourself to delete that text and you’re ready to find yourself again.

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