“You’re dancing through changing seasons and his name gathers dust on your Snapchat list…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Everything collapses around you, within moments, between each message beep and notification. He’s there, and then he’s gone. And you’re expected to just accept that that’s it, that all of this time spent together crumbled down to this moment – a half-eaten bag of Tesco tortilla chips and a hopping group chat with some very confused girlfriends. And to be totally honest, it can feel like the end of the world when you’re mourning a maybe.

Then time passes, lots of it. And before you even notice, you’re dancing through changing seasons and his name gathers dust on your Snapchat list. What once felt like everything becomes just another conversation lost to the passing of time. And then you’re tidying your bedroom, and stumble across faded cinema tickets. The date and time stamped firmly on the top, but you’re not there anymore. Somehow, you started crafting a totally different movie altogether, as if him leaving was the dramatic opening scene, and you’ve only been on the up since then. You’ve stepped into main character energy, and then the tickets, the ones that would have killed you once, are scrunched up and thrown into your bedroom bin.

And maybe you’ll be thinking about somebody new, or maybe you won’t, but you’ll realise that everything that once collapsed, all came back to you in a different way with new perspective. The end of the journey with him was the start of a new one. New movies wait around the corner, because you’re the main character of your own life, and you deserve nothing less than magic.

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