Happy Anniversary I Think He’s Gone Weird!

I Think He's Gone Weird

Happy anniversary to meee! This week marks a year since I started I Think He’s Gone Weird. One whole year. Can you believe it? I can’t!

So, a year on, what has changed? As I sit here and mutter “Prick!” whilst I swipe past an ex on Tinder, I’m guessing not much. Luckily, I’m not crying anymore. This page started with a snotty nose and puffy eyes, as I analysed another dead-end situationship and prayed to every possible ancestor that he would text me and realise he was in fact ready to give things a real go. Errrm, didn’t happen. In fact, it all went even more tits up further on down the line when I decided to reach out to him. As Julia Roberts would say: “Big mistake. Big. HUGE!”

I’m laughing now, my poor friends having to deal with my daily FaceTime breakdowns. Yikes. And the many months after all that chaos brought even more chaos. Most notably, a night of passion which resulted in my favourite sunglasses getting lost up a mountain. Short-lived passion may I add, I was soon hitting him with some drunken truths when he made the mistake of thinking I would take disrespect without thinking twice about it. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. Wrong gal hun, when it comes to girl power, I’m going hard and definitely not going home. And then there was more recent events, like today, what I thought was a usual Friday until, by complete chance, on the TikTok For You Page I scrolled past a dodgy Tinder guy I had been chatting to. With a different name. And his long-term girlfriend. Love me some catfish confirmation of a Friday.

And here I am now, smiling whilst eating an aero bar, reflecting on all of my life choices. And there’s no one I’d rather be doing that with than all of you amazing women! Thanks for all the laughs, the tears, the advice, the likes, the shares, the comments, the messages, the support, the love – Here’s to the past year of fun, fuckboys and online friends. Have a pink gin for me tonight gals, I know I will be. Cheers!

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