“When it comes to heartbreak, the person is different, but the heart-sinking feeling is always the same…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

There is a unique type of strength that reveals itself when you’re navigating through heartbreak. When the confusion discussions have died down, the gals have gone home, and his name sits coldly on your phone within last month’s conversations… you’re left to enter your empty bedroom and mourn the love that once was. And the plot twist with modern dating? We also have to get over that feeling that he was never even ours to mourn, because sometimes the label was dragging its feet to get to that stage, but the emotions had their running shoes on.

So when your world has been flipped and dipped in ‘what if’s’… where do you go from here? When your heart is sitting somewhere around your ankles and the last word is shaking up your phone notes, how do you align your emotions with the man he actually is, rather than the man he appeared to be?

When you’re in that initial heartache phase, everything is raw and it feels as if it will last forever. And the funny part is, that lonely feeling is one that every single person can relate to at some point or another. There is nothing more universal than the broken heart, and yet we always feel like we’re conquering it on our own. In many ways we are, we all view people differently and love them in different amounts and different ways, so when that love changes, we grieve it alone because that person was something unique to us, a version that nobody else will experience in the exact same way. When it comes to heartbreak, the person is different, but the heart-sinking feeling is always the same. So coming from someone who has felt it all, I promise your bedroom won’t feel so empty forever, even if tonight is feeling like the darkened sky could stretch over an eternity.

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