“Some men are leopard print faux furs, in and out of fashion all the time…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Ah, men. Some a fleeting moment, some leave such an impact you’re picking their name out of your conversations for years to come. It’s just how that love game goes, some men are tops you’ll wear once on a night out, others are investments. You know the guy, he’s that coat that doesn’t fit anymore but you can’t bring yourself to say goodbye for good.

What differentiates them? How is one woman’s fling another woman’s ‘Why weren’t we ever a real thing?’ thing? And what are we to these men? Underneath the confusion and uncertainty, when it ends with an almighty shudder, are we etched into his memories too? We’ll always wonder, because as much as we hate to admit it, some men are leopard print faux furs, in and out of fashion all the time.

The thing is, I am haunted by some aftershave scents, some places scream ‘Get out!’ before the memories creep in, and I’d happily stroll into the Nightmare Realm by myself before venturing onto his Instagram page. It’s how it goes – You go one way, he goes another, but you will always wonder about crossing paths. He’s a risky trend, a statement piece – To some hearts he is worn and liked, to others he is stored away, he is timeless.

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