“There are all these cyber waves of uncertainty that mask our emotions…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Nothing burdens modern relationships quite like pride. Timing texts, not texting first, choosing when to reply. There are all these cyber waves of uncertainty that mask our emotions, and we are all just desperately seeking a subtle and low-key way to say: “I like you” with the effortless added romance of a classic romcom.

I have lost count of my erased texts, there are too many that were interlaced with vulnerability and speaking my truth. Society and pride have teamed up to tell us that these things put you at an equivalent with people who send weird Tinder messages. For some reason, we often have the fear that “I like you” becomes a memorable one-liner, a screenshotted “Oh godddd…” moment. HOW could you possibly be so open about your affection for a person you’ve got to know so well??? WEIRD, EH!

Vulnerability has always been an effortless act to me, my sensitivity makes me somewhat of an open book, and often lands me in completely morto moments. The main character in movies is always like this, she leaves a trail of “Oh godddd…” behind her wherever she ventures to. She cares with chaos and loves without regret. As my sister told me recently, you have to embrace being that main character.

The cyber waves of uncertainty can become so heavy, we often lose sight of what it is we want. Being cool has made many of our relationships cold, because honesty seems frightening. Some situations feed off vulnerability, and there’s nothing negative about it. Connection overpowers pride, and sometimes there is no casual way to confess your feelings, you just have to throw yourself in, sometimes gin glass first. Be that main character, speak your truth, take one for the team and write some stories that all your gals can cherish when they’re having a bad day!

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