“Mince pies really ARE before guys and I have a few extra quid in my pocket to pour into pink gins…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

The absence of Christmas nights out this year has me distraught, many a romantic story have come out of the 12 pubs over the years. There have been many sparkling St. Stephen’s night heartbreaks, and New Year’s Eves desperately wishing I had stayed at home.

So, without my mistletoe hairband and with my “Mince pies before guys” Christmas jumper cosied up in my wardrobe… how different will Christmas look this year? The romantic pressure can feel heavy around Christmas time, many songs about breakups or his dramatic return. Sometimes we can be drawn into this, the idea that sparkling market lights seem more exciting if you have a man on your arm, the realisation that you have no cute presents to post on your story that came from him. When you’re uncertain about your love life, Christmas can really highlight the other half of your double bed. The question is though, when we strip back the fairy lights, selection of cheese and roaring fire… would December 25th really turn the guy you’re pining after into Prince Charming? Or would Fairytale of New York be the reality?

I’m not being the Grinch, I LOVE Christmas, and honestly I can’t wait to celebrate it with the right person someday. But until then, I have to look at its current perks as a single gal – Mince pies really ARE before guys and I have a few extra quid in my pocket to pour into pink gins. This year will be a quiet one no doubt, but the Christmas magic is endless. Who knows where life will take me next year, I could be arguing over a game of monopoly with a wonderful guy I haven’t met yet, or shifting the face off my ex outside a chipper at 2am whilst wearing a Santa hat. Likely the second, but we’ll let Santa decide that one. Anything goes in December, right?

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