“At what point through the years did “Hello” translate to booking a wedding venue?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

The question on the mind of single women everywhere: Why do so many men boldly assume we are obsessed with them? Can somebody please clear this up for me? At what point through the years did “Hello” translate to booking a wedding venue?

Women are supposedly the over thinkers, the ones making assumptions, yet if I had a euro for every time a man I hardly knew was arrogant enough to presume I had him in my five year plan I’d be writing this post from my own ocean hut in the Maldives.

Their “I don’t know what I want” could easily be knocked off its pedestal if we all hit them back with some truth – “Well to be honest hun I’m the same, don’t really see you fathering my children, I just think we have good fun together as twenty-something singletons.”

I was once told by a guy that I could interview for a chance with him, I think he had great plans to see me falling at his feet after this announcement, no doubt this line made him look like a player and ‘the big man’ to his mates. Well, my supposed obsession with this guy I didn’t know was an interesting observation made through his broken crystal ball, until I politely turned down this request because frankly, I’m rather overqualified for the position.

Women are out here building empires. We’re not weak for you, we don’t intend to trap you. This may be a bit of a shock to your ego driven system but… women like having fun too. We’re happy, we’re driven, we’re empowered. We know the type of man we want to build and grow with. Too busy chasing shooting stars to be chasing a boy on the run. Still know what I want, or?

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