“The feeling when we meet someone, that somewhere, sometime, world’s away, we had met them already…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Fate. A short word with an entire universe of meaning. I’ve always been a believer, even when it comes to people. I believe there’s a higher power that guides people into our lives. Do you ever meet people and feel a sense of familiarity? Sometimes we just have a bond we can’t explain, a certain chemistry that follows us on different paths and often loops us back to the same places.

When it comes to romantic partners, this bond is no different. The idea of soulmates has never been far-fetched to me, everything in life is a miracle really. I’m not sure if soulmates means you last forever, I think we meet different soulmates for different purposes. I don’t think it’s as simple as a big white dress or a mortgage. It’s complex, it’s life-changing, it’s eye-opening. We have the friendship soulmates, the unconditional love from pets, and as I have experienced before, the feeling when we meet someone, that somewhere, sometime, world’s away, we had met them already. We already had a bond in a past life perhaps, as friends, as lovers, as anything memorable. I call this a cosmic connection.

Connections come in many forms, they range from dramatic and cosmic, to sexual and vibey. Men come and go, some leave bigger impacts than others. Some leave a trail of destruction, others pieces of stardust and a lingering gravitational pull. Some leave it all, then come back to piece it together. There’s something greater we can’t see, you will feel him in your energy field and he will somehow be manifested back into your life at the most random of times. I don’t need to explain the connection to you, you can already visualise him simply from the feeling.

Connections are personal, they’re mutual, they’re the planets and the clouds. And some of the best ones, the ones that hit your life like a meteor, will leave you mumbling “Oh shittttt!” when you spot him down the aisle in Supervalu when you don’t have makeup on even though he’s already seen you at your worst. You’ll always spot him though, life will loop you back, in a packed pub or on an empty street during winter. For what reason? None of us know, but life should be crafted by these connections. Whether it’s lifelong or a fleeting moment, we never forget the people that sparked the magic.

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