“Life moves on, things change, there is always something magical on the horizon that you can’t see yet…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

YOU GOT THIS. I do not say this lightly, you really do. As we enter Level 5 lockdown again, life can feel very overwhelming and isolating. If you’re currently dealing with a heart that feels like it has been completely smooshed by his size 11 Nikes and wondering how you will get through it, my advice for you is to keep busy and to take each day as it comes.

You will have the down days, the crying on FaceTime, chocolate digestives for breakfast days, but each day, no matter how long, shall eventually lead into a new one. When I say keep busy, I don’t mean you need to leave lockdown as a multi-millionaire, expert piano player or with 8,000 Tinder dates, I mean do what you need to do to keep your mind in various places, not just on checking if his name has popped up on your phone screen yet.

I entered the last lockdown as a blubbering mess, but I’m entering this one writing this post for you amazing gals. Life moves on, things change, there is always something magical on the horizon that you can’t see yet. If you’re wondering how to use this time, dive into that thing that makes you feel alive, immerse yourself in your favourite tv show, have virtual wine dates with the gals to rant about him for the 45th time, buy a cauldron and spell book online and curse his entire bloodline. Do what you gotta do.

I hope you know how strong you are, I hope you know how many other incredible women on this page are rooting for you, and I hope you realise he’s not getting any action either because he’s also in Level 5. Ain’t no time for dwelling on fuckboys, so give him back his energy and leave him stew in his opinion of you. Pour another Pinot Grigio babe, we’ve got queen-vibed shit to do.

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