“Genuinely, do you think boyfriends are that easy to get?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Boyfriends. I know so many amazing girls who question their worth because they’ve never had a boyfriend before. Yikes, girl, HOW does that determine your worth? Genuinely, do you think boyfriends are that easy to get? You have to go through 682 levels of acting cool and aloof, move into “Erm, I think he likes me?” territory for 17 years, wonder “So what are we?” for another 12 years, feed his ego for a decade, get a little freaky with each other (in the sheets and outside,) creep on his social media eight times a day and then HOPE he will say “Yep, I’m ready now… we can be official.” It’s a tough world out there, I admire you for still bringing your love to the table after all the exhaustion from the chase.

Honestly, boyfriends aren’t the norm to me either and here I am with a dating page. I can never seem to make it through that final hurdle. And to be honest, sometimes you can get a boyfriend and it turns out he’s a bit of a twat. Trust me, it happens, it isn’t all roses and binging Netflix series. What does one do with a boyfriend anyway? Why is the word giving me serious mythical vibes as I type it out? “I’ve never had a boyfriend” Well girl look, firstly it is 2020, a year of the fuckboy, and secondly, I’ve never owned a unicorn or found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but I’m happy out living my best life.

It’s funny isn’t it, we never look at other women and think “Oh I wonder why she’s single?” but we are so quick to ask ourselves this. We see women for who they are minus the man – whether she’s single, in a relationship, engaged, whatever it may be, the man in her photos doesn’t determine how worthy of greatness she is.

To be honest, it kills me when I see an amazing, driven gal talk down about herself because she hasn’t had the opportunity to change her relationship status on Facebook. Yes, of course the right boyfriend will be wonderful and he will love you to bits as you deserve to be loved, but until he comes along please do not think you’re living your life as a half. You’re really not. Post a fire selfie and pull yourself together, babe. Single queens, I see you.

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