“So, when the guy we’re not dating becomes the guy we didn’t date… how do we move on?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

He’s beautiful, he’s hilarious, he’s always online, he’s ruined your life… Cheers to the guy you never even dated! Getting over this guy is a code we have yet to crack.

Many of my greatest hurts came from men I never even dated. There’s something about how aloof he is that always makes me want to put all my eggs in this bottomless basket. I mean, he probably will never change, but maybe I WILL BE THAT WOMAN. I hate to break it to you, but you’re in for a path of emotional turmoil, the occasional ride and ignored texts. It’s nothing personal – You can’t be that woman, he has to be that man first.

Don’t feel bad about the amount of maybe-relationships you’ve encountered. That is the generation we’re living through unfortunately. Real boyfriends have become a bit of an Irish myth. Chances are you might find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow before you experience your mates commenting “So happy for you hun xxx” under a Facebook relationship status update.

So, when the guy we’re not dating becomes the guy we didn’t date… how do we move on? When the dramatic story quotes are posted, the smokin’ selfies are running low, how do we emotionally detach ourselves from his bedroom background noise of the latest Netflix hype that was playing in beautiful rhythm with the unbuckling of your €6 Gucci dupe belt? How do we erase the memories from the back of his car if we’re still wondering where our favourite earring went?

Honestly, god knows! Let me know if you find out huns because my GOD is this exhausting?!

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