“Some men are water, they really are, and they can dim your shine if you let them…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Sometimes we don’t know our own strength. I say this because I doubt myself sometimes, as do you, but we firmly believe in each other’s strength, right? In life, or more specifically in dating, sometimes life hits us with a giant “OH BLOODY HELL!” moment. Bam, smack in the middle of the face.

Whether a relationship crumbles, a situationship is over before it has even started, he tells you the love isn’t there anymore, your Tinder is glitching, he commits to someone else, you didn’t get the text back you wanted, or you wake up beside the guy you definitely should NOT have woken up beside again. Whatever it may be, sometimes we face dating hurdles that are an inside fixing job.

If you’re currently going through one of these hurdles, I’m going to be your strength reminder. You got this, honestly. Even if your eyes are filled with tears right now, even if you’re sitting alone on a double bed surrounded by Kinder Bueno wrappers, even if it feels like tomorrow is a million miles away and your love life is falling apart. You got this. I can keep telling you this hundreds of times, but until you tell yourself this, tomorrow can’t feel any closer.

I often think back to major heartbreak moments and wonder how on earth I made it through that many tears. I even laugh about half the stories now, but at the time I felt like my world was collapsing in on itself. Somewhere in the middle of the exploding relationships, the loved becoming strangers, the emotional breakdowns in pub bathrooms and the amount of times I spilled my heart out to men who didn’t deserve it, I made it. I had to focus on the fire inside of me and ignite that because I knew she was in there and would drive me onto better things. And here we are, because I knew she had this. And she did.

You do not need him to confirm you have a fire within you, trust me, if I have learned anything it is that not all men are prepared to walk through flames with you. Some men are water, they really are, and they can dim your shine if you let them. Take off that big baggy hoody, throw some mascara on, blast Little Mix at full volume and find your fire. Whatever moment has just smacked you in the face will be a great tale to tell over a G&T with new pals in a couple of years. Your healing is an inside job, one you’re definitely qualified for.

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