“You feel me? I had imaginary beef with a damn Bitmoji…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Nothing ruins your day quite like seeing the one name you don’t want at the start of someone’s Instagram likes. Wait, hang on, losing the yellow heart on Snapchat is pretty crap too. Oh, and him not reacting to the comment you tagged him in. Morto on my life. I have touched on this topic before, but lately I have been thinking all over again just how difficult social media has made dating. Is this the thing that has deeply impacted modern relationships? 

I think so, in many ways I believe we have let trust issues build barriers between us because we are never really sure what people are up to, even though we know everything they’re up to at the same time. If he doesn’t open your story within 8 minutes, where else would he be other than ON A DATE??? Well, er, anywhere.

I remember I was involved with a guy before and every few days he would be in the same place on Snap Maps. He was shady af, not committing to me, a fuckboy on every level, but woah did the Snap Maps push me over the edge. I used to just stew in my not knowing and assumptions… and then something a bit embarrassing happened. Okay, very embarrassing. A good year after we ended, I saw, in real life, his sister leaving this location. His sister. Lads, I think he used to be visiting HIS SISTER. Do you realise how much time I had spent over-analysing this the year before? Zero proof of anything, there was just a little cartoon fella on a map of rural Ireland that I guess I was borderline stalking. Okay, I was totally stalking him. 

Now, granted, this guy did end up being the person I had assumed his Bitmoji was, BUT my point is, I wouldn’t have gone through that much overthinking had I not been able to watch him fly around the country. You feel me? I had imaginary beef with a damn Bitmoji. And the worst part? I’d bloody do it again. These men be stressing me out.

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