“At what point did society normalise the psycho term, but brush the bulls*t under the carpet?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Psycho… a term that is very often chucked around the modern dating game. You know the situation, maybe you’ve called him out on his bulls*t or are asking where the relationship is going. You want answers, mature conversation and reassurance that you’re not wasting your time, but because he is unable to give you this – Boom, you’re a psycho. Ermmmm, I’m not joining the dots here hun, can we flip this whole sitch to the real issue please.

Realistically, how many of us have been told we’re too much for not settling for the flaky nature of modern situationships? How many of us are villains for not accepting half-hearted fuckboy antics? How many of us have been expected to wait around for a man who flat out refuses to commit to us simply because he might be ready to love us at some point? Well, folks, ME. And I’m sure many of you too. Sometimes we’re made to think our love is too big and over the top, that we should water down our emotions rather than own our power.

At what point did society normalise the psycho term, but brush the bulls*t under the carpet? Of all the lads who probably now cross the street to avoid me, how many of those really ticked all the right boxes anyway? And of all the times people say “Sure you know he’s no good for you, he always does this to girls!” how many times do they ignore the fact that the problem is normalising the fuckboy, because it’s easier to villainise the woman for getting invested and attached ?

You’re not too much or asking for too much, gals. You’re full of love, emotion and passion…own that sh*t, even if owning it means spending time by yourself rather than waiting for a maybe that might never come. You’re the revolution, and I’m backing you allll the way.

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