“Aaaaand… Opened. No Reply. Refresh. Zilch. NOTHING.”

I Think He's Gone Weird

I can still see the Snapchat now, the words “So when are we going on a date then?” fearlessly typed across my face. Oh Fenella, you bloody idiot. We had been snapping on and off for far too long but had yet to meet. He was a friend of my friend’s fella, hello, double dates alert. I knew it was time to take things to the next level. Well, that was the girl power thought behind it, the reality was very different. There were about six of us out on the town that night and I was surrounded by people shifting in the smoking area. Now was the time to take the plunge. I had backup and romance goalzzz. LET’S DO THIS.

He hadn’t opened the snap by the time we were en route home, but the girls reassured me he was asleep and OF COURSE he would agree to the date. The reassurance was something like “Sure why else would he be snapping you for this long?” and “He already agreed to meet up as a group, he must be into you!!” Alas, I still appreciate their endless support but we were all equally idiotic. Let’s blame the Strawberry Daiquiris.

I woke up the next morning with that horrible lingering Pinot Grigio taste in my mouth and my best mate conked beside me. “Today is the dayyyyyyyy” I thought, opening my Snapchat, not sure whether to be excited or burst into tears. Aaaaand… Opened. No Reply. Refresh. Zilch. NOTHING. That was the moment I gave Sleeping Beauty beside me a good belt on the arm to awaken here from her blissful slumber and drag her into my trauma. What are friends for, eh?

In the moments that followed, the room filled with the whole crew. “FE, what did he reply?” Well, the words: “He didn’t reply” didn’t seem to sit well with the lot of them as their mouths dropped so much I wouldn’t be surprised if they knocked him out in Hell. We spent the rest of the day watching my phone and pondering the logic behind ignoring my text completely. The conversation continued as we all tucked into pancakes later on in town, and so did his silence. A table of six gals couldn’t piece together this jigsaw, but oh did we try – He went from being busy, to being a complete twat. This cycle continued for as long as the embarrassment to be honest. So yeah, it’s still ongoing.

At 10am it was bloody horrifying, but by 10pm I was laughing at myself. Again. So in relation to the question I had asked him, judging by the fact he is still yet to answer, I’m guessing the answer is never! Double date plan turned out to be a little ambitious of me, I couldn’t even get a single date out of the guy.

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