“Pink gin fueled or not, that gal is ready for war…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

The girl squad, we all have them, we all love them. I don’t know about you, but mine have seen me at my absolute worst, and absolute best. As cheesy as it sounds, the relationship you have with your girlfriends is one of the most fulfilling there is. From crying my eyes out on their kitchen floors while they butter my toast, to storming to their lying boyfriend’s house with them for moral support. There’s been vomiting heads sticking out of car doors, and their own boyfriends being used as a Snapchat jealousy plot when I’m being ignored by my non-cooperating hubby.

Fenella Feisty Fox awakens the moment my friends are being disrespected and struggling to see their worth. Pink gin fueled or not, that gal is ready for war. When he leaves and you’re left wondering what’s wrong with you, the gals are there to remind you who the hell you are, why it didn’t work out, and let him know he’s public enemy number one. Don’t cross me in the chipper hun unless you’re ready to be soaking in garlic cheesy chips.

Something I’ve noticed amongst my own friend’s group is the tendency not to practise what we preach. Your “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME, AREN’T I PRETTY ENOUGH?” very quickly becomes “Good riddance, he can go f**k himself!” when your friend is the one demanding to know her flaws. We know there’s nothing wrong with our friends, so why do we continue to dig for flaws in ourselves when the man we are chasing turns into a complete pr*ck overnight? Why is it sometimes harder to value ourselves the way we value the gals? You’re surrounded by queens because you’re a queen yourself. Basic science.

The thing is, whether you’re all single or in relationships, it’s you guys against the modern dating game. There will be the highs, the lows, the bad decisions, the crap advice… and most importantly, the nights they help you tape your boobs. Been there, with sellotape, and one constantly collapsing boob.

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