“I mean, isn’t it funny that in a time where we are SO connected, we hardly communicate at all?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

The impact of social media has been huge. So life changing, such an advancement for the world, absolutely incredible, just so amaz – Oh, he just opened my story about my bowl of Cheerios. Cool.

There have been many times where I have contemplated what my twenties would have been like without social media, particularly when it comes to relationships. I mean, isn’t it funny that in a time where we are SO connected, we hardly communicate at all? I mean on a deeper level. I want to know your theories on the Universe, whether you believe in a higher power, if you see me somewhere in your future… but thank you very much for sending me this 12 minute video of people falling off bikes.

Social media was a huge aspect of the birth of I Think He’s Gone Weird. We spend a lot of time aimlessly diving into scrolling, and wondering if he’s purposely ignoring our texts. We feel the pull through wireless connections and the opened symbol on Snapchat. Or worse, he just stops liking your selfies. The horror, especially because his name is always the first under everyone else’s posts. Please start cooperating with the relationship mate, I’ve already told my mum about you. We’re due to be engaged by next June.

Even now, I find myself wondering “Does he hate me? Does he think about me often? Who’s that girl in the background?” No joke, I once lost the plot because I could see polka dots in the reflection of the window that the guy I liked was sitting beside on his story, so naturally, I had to get my mates to analyse this in-depth. It was a very serious, ongoing investigation, and to be honest, two years on I am still appealing for witnesses who may have more information. Why did I panic about this? Was it because I was over-paranoid? No, it was because of the pull, the gradual drop, the fading of likes, the spaced-out texts, the people he was tagging under memes… because of social media. Basically, from now on, any man who would like a chance to gain a space in my life, bed or on my updated “not to-do list” may simply send me a letter, written with a quill. Let’s see how serious you really are about this Netflix and chill date. Thank you.

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