Speaking Of Soulmates…

Soulmates? A Scene From The Notebook

I was two glasses of wine and one Easter egg deep by the time I reached “Why didn’t you write me?” Once again, like many Friday nights before, I had found myself absorbed by the love story of The Notebook’s Noah and Allie. Always being a romantic at heart, I began thinking about my own life and one big idea… Soulmates.

Needless to say, when it came to a soulmate, I was watching this film without him, whoever he may be. I was pretty clueless about who he was, but also pretty certain about who he wasn’t – probably not the guy who revealed his plans to apply for Love Island while we were in the heat of getting down to business, or the guy who asks me for nudes by night but ignores me by day when we cross paths in Penneys.

This pondering of soulmates created the classics – it wrote the work of the greatest poets, sang the lyrics of broken hearts, collected the credits of the films. And whilst 2020 is a modern dating period – No “I love you” calls from telephone boxes, few stones being chucked at your window, and extra labels with too many layers – I am still a believer in the stripped back love, the love that is raw and timeless. The love that is untouched by fear, modern society and Instagram’s Valencia filter.

Sure, many people may do a runner when they hear: “So, what are we?” never mind “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” but surely all it takes is one, just one person to make you realise where the hundreds of years of great art came from, and why other guys weren’t accepting the promotion from half-kinda-maybe boyfriend, to that 2am kitchen counter kinda love?

Maybe the strange part about pondering soulmates is the way they don’t need to be pondered at all, they just know if you’re a bird, and you’ll know this too. And until this comes along, the half-kinda-maybe moments need to be lived, and most importantly, they need to be felt, so you truly appreciate the one that effortlessly sits right when it comes along.

So yeah, you can send Mr Half-kinda-maybe a “group” snap if you want, but don’t expect arrows on his bedroom floor that are leading to an easel, overlooking a lake the next time you hook up, okay?

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