A Temporary Spark

It was a slow Saturday, the wind blowing outside and the rain gliding off the window.

My phone had buzzed with a name I hadn’t heard in a while. It wasn’t the name of a great, life changing love, or a deep impact, just a great kiss from a faded Saturday night. We spoke for some time, falling into a gentle familiarity. He was the era of my Penneys Valentino dupes, my blonde balayage, and vodka and white.

I always believe that people cross our paths with a purpose, and we know lessons can be learned from the great loves, but what about the great kisses? 

Rain pouring, clutch bag on my head, he was a “Text me when you’re home safe” moment before fleeing for chips. He was spontaneous, he was fun. Is that the purpose of the great kisses? Are they the little flickers of hope in between the life changing loves? And when your phone isn’t hopping because of the one you had hoped for, maybe you’re in desperate need of a night filled with designer dupes and a temporary spark. 

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