For When You’re Doubting Yourself

I thought this would be a nice little post to put together if you’re just having one of those days and feel like a lift. Just a few little things to remember when you’re doubting yourself or life is getting you down because we all need the reminder sometimes…

Nobody actually knows what they’re doing with their life (congrats if you do, you liar)
Nobody, even the ones who look like they have it all figured out. The only thing that any of us can really do is take life one day at a time. Life would be way too boring if we knew everything, that’s not how it works. It’s constantly unfolding, moving back and forth and testing you. Today I’m all glam, in a great mood, writing away and feeling super empowered. A month ago I was ranting to my beautician after a morto night with too much gin and an old flame. Sh*t happens, keep moving. I cannot stress this enough… YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT.

The material doesn’t really matter
Social media, you’re at it again, making everyone’s lives seem absolutely ideal. So your feed is being flooded with new cars and gifts from Insta-perfect boyfriends, who cares? We don’t see things behind the scenes, how many crap moments from your day do you put on your story with a lovely little gif and poll? Exactly! I’d be putting up pictures of my car if I: A) Had a car and B) Wasn’t crippled by anxiety at the thought of going back to finish my lessons. That’s the reality of it, we all have our struggles and fears. I’d also possibly be putting up boyfriend snaps if I wasn’t attracted to f*ckboys and starting on my exes the second pink gin hits my throat, but look, that’s that. As my dad always says: “Keep an eye on your own game.” Remember, we can’t take things with us when we go, but we can leave an emotional impact that’s much deeper than anything physical.

You are b-e-a-utiful
Some days I’m dancing in sexy underwear in front of my bedroom mirror admiring all my curves thinking I’m Kelly Brook, and then there are times, like last night, where all I can see is that bit of belly that folds over when I sit down. Society is a struggle these days because we’re keeping up with a standard of beauty that isn’t always real. I remember saying to my sister recently that good things are happening to me, to which she responded “It’s because you’re more confident in yourself so it’s radiating.” This couldn’t be more true. Self-confidence really does give you that glow and life notices.

His opinion of you doesn’t determine your worth
This one takes some learning. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve rooted through my soul for flaws and things that could be improved so I appear more lovable, but again, that’s not how it works. Overtime you will grow to love yourself so much that you finally understand the wall between the both of you and why it wasn’t supposed to be knocked down. Look at yourself, are you really prepared to let a man knock a heart that is beating just for you? Above all, you have to love you. You deserve it and owe it to the little girl who has been shaped into the powerful woman you are today.

Cry it out, hun
Any other emotional wrecks out there? No, just me? There are loads of things I’ve bottled up over the years out of fear that other people won’t understand why they’re bothering me. You know what though, if it hurts you, it hurts you. That’s out of your control. You are allowed to be upset about things. Let it hurt then let it leave. Why would they understand why it’s hurting you if it isn’t hurting them? Some of us are more sensitive than others, there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you weak, I think it takes a strong person to face their emotions because a lot of people bottle them up out of comfort.

Forget the regret
It’s done, the only thing you have is right now to make the best out of the situation you’re currently presented with. Maybe you think you made a wrong move, or maybe you’re too afraid to take a leap of faith. Stop beating yourself up over something that was supposed to happen at that time. You will drive yourself to insanity if you overthink every second of it. This is something I’m deadly for doing and it really gets into your head. Try to park it, let the thought know it’s not welcome. You will just keep going around in circles otherwise. No matter what, things aren’t that bad. Everything happens for a reason. Always.

Make another cup of tea
Tea fixes everything, and maybe a sneaky biscuit or two. The packet, just eat the whole packet.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Remember if it’s just one of those days, tomorrow will be better!

Fe xx

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